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Loudonville was the home of the Flxible Company, a manufacturer of mass transit buses and parts, and a service distribution center for many years. The company owner was a local citizen, Hugo Young, who eventually sold the company in the late 1970's to Rohr Industries in California. Mr. Young then established the Hugo H. and Mabel B. Young Foundation from the proceeds. Subsequent owners included Grumann Corporation and General Automotive.

In the early 1980's, General Automotive made a decision to move the company to Delaware, Ohio, which caused the loss of over 1,200 jobs to the local economy. Two members of the Loudonville Village Council, Shirley Irving and Wayne Dessenberg, began a series of public meetings to gain input from citizens on the direction the Village should take to address the distress to the area caused by the decision by General Automotive.

As a result of the discussions, a committee was formed, representing a cross section of community leadership under the direction of local business owner, Jim Gribble. This committee began a series of meetings bringing in experienced economic development professionals to advise and propose a course of action for the community.

In 1985, the Mohican Area Growth Foundation was formed as a 501c3, not for profit economic development organization for the Village of Loudonville, partnering with the Village of Perrysville and the entire Mohican Area. A Board of Directors was formed and began the process of securing financial investors from private, business, professional, manufacturing, and public entities represented by the Villages of Loudonville and Perrysville. Leading this effort was a commitment from the Board of Directors of the Hugo H. and Mabel B. Young Foundation to provide a 100% match of all financial investments made to MAGF. This enabled MAGF to employ a professional Executive Director and begin the task of marketing the Mohican Area.

Throughout the ensuing years, MAGF established the Class A Loudonville Industrial Park and a second complex housing Step 2 in the Village of Perrysville. MAGF, with the cooperation of the leadership of the Villages of Loudonville and Perrysville, State of Ohio Economic Development officials, and offices of Congressman Ralph Regula, have been able to secure millions of dollars for local infrastructure in both communities.

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Working Together To Grow The Future

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